The Family of Thomas and Lydia Emma Kinton
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A number of other Beanlands from Yorkshire came to this country in the second half of the 1800s. It is clear that we are all related. A brief history of three families is as follows.  


Joshua Stead Beanland married Jane Bentham on 9 March, 1863, in the Parish Church, Parish of Bradford, Yorkshire. He was 25, she aged 20 years.

They departed London on 18 September, 1875, and arrived Brisbane 7 February, 1876, on the ship “Gauntlet”.

Their daughters Ann, aged 11, and Ethel Maud, aged three accompanied them.

Once settled in Queensland other children were added to the family Florence Gertrude born 18 December, 1876; William Bentham born November, 1878, Charlotte Delores born 23 October, 1880; Harry York born 25 October, 1882; Charles Stead born 8 January, 1886; Harry Egerton born 24 March, 1888.

The author is currently in contact with members of the family and hopefully more details of this family will become known in the coming years.


Sophia Louisa Beanland was Lady Principal of the Brisbane Girls' Grammar School from January, 1882, to April, 1889.

Chapter 8 of Peter Prideaux' book "Brisbane Girls' Grammar School ‑ The First Sixty Years 1875‑1935" covers the period of Sophia’s term as Lady Principal.

During the second quarter of 1889 Sophia severed her connection with the school following a dispute with the Trustees, and returned to England.

Sophia Beanland was born on 11 December, 1851, at Lowtown, Pudsey, Yorkshire, of James Beanland and Esther Beanland nee Fearnley.

Sophia is another distant Yorkshire cousin, being educated at the London University.

The library at the Brisbane Girls' Grammar School is named after her.

She came to Australia on "S.S. Lusitania” leaving England in November, 1881, and died at Starbeck on 3 May, 1925, leaving a bequest of about £500 to the Brisbane Girls' Grammar School.


John, son of Joseph Beanland, was born at Morton, Yorkshire, 1811, and in 1833 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, married Mary Seaton.

The family came to Melbourne in 1858 with the children – Joseph, Sarah Ann, Margaret, Harriet, Thomas Seaton, John Griffith, Mary and Robert.

Family members now reside not only in Melbourne but elsewhere in Victoria, with some living in South Australia and New Zealand.

Current members of the family have undertaken extensive work on their family tree, both here and in Yorkshire.

They have traced the Beanland name in Yorkshire to a Matthew Beanlande 1421-1471

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