The Family of Thomas and Lydia Emma Kinton
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Some years ago my son Hunter prompted me to research the Beanland family tree, that is the family of Thomas and Lydia Emma Kinton Beanland.

With public life being demanding, it has been a slow but rewarding task.

One difficulty is what to include or exclude. Much work still remains to be done as I have not been able to trace Thomas Beanland's date of birth, place of birth or his parents' names.

The two marriage certificates are completely different and, to date, research has been unsuccessful.

This I will continue with, as well as the linking up of the various Beanland families in Yorkshire, England. Any information would be appreciated.

I have briefly included three other Beanland families from Yorkshire for interest purposes.

Photographs of Tom and Lydia, the children and wives have been included except for Arthur and Evelyn Beanland and Alice and Thomas Kearnan, where no suitable photographs are available.

However, I have been able to include a photograph of the three daughters Margaret, Alice, and Edith, and Thomas Kearnan and his son Walter, and Evelyn Beanland in later life.

The figure 1 beside Tom and Lydia in the family tree represents first generation, 2 beside Herbert second generation, 3 beside Margaret third generation and so on.

Although I have full details of most family members, I have generally only printed those in cases where they are deceased.

I trust that in years to come I may be fortunate enough to produce a second edition linking up the missing parts.

Your co‑operation in the future in keeping me informed of full details of births, deaths and marriages, and current addresses of family members would be appreciated.

December 1992

1993,2002 Denver Beanland
This is an updated work based on the 1993 book of the same name - ISBN 0 86439 155 2